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Success Stories

Erik M.

"I can't believe how comfortable Bruce made me feel through his ENTIRE process.  He really took time to get to know me and presented several possible options.  We spoke regularly as I moved through the decision to become a business owner and made sure I had the best information possible.  Bruce's insight into starting a business from selecting the right industry, to helping set up financing was second to none!  thank you Bruce for being my coach and I look forward to many years of continued success thanks to you!"

Patricia G.

“My husband and I have always wanted to be business owners after years in the corporate world. Bruce spent hours working with us exploring various options. The fact that Bruce has been in business for many years himself makes him very knowledgeable while exploring opportunities. We valued his opinion highly and he was always very honest with his advice. One quality that was very important for us was to find a business broker that was not “pushy” or bias. Bruce was far from this. He listened to exactly what we said and was able to find the best matches for our financial goals, lifestyle, and passion. I would recommend Bruce to any individual that has the drive and passion to become a business owner.”


Chris K.

"Hi Bruce, Thanks for reaching out to us to see how things are going! Our Blind & Window Covering Business continues to grow. Our first year in business was good and looking even better here in 2017! This month is our biggest month ever and we are only half we thru it! I am still working my other job so most of what we’ve achieved so far my wife Michelle has done. She has been doing a ton of draperies this year. Again, many thanks Bruce for checking in. I'll keep you updated as we go thru this year."


Joe M.

“Working with Bruce was an informative, enjoyable and simple process. We spoke often, which was important to me, so that he could get a clear picture of my income and lifestyle goals. Then he found several businesses that had the potential of meeting my goals.  He assisted me throughout the entire process helping me to narrow things down to the perfect business match for me. After I started operating my business, which is a window cleaning business, he continues to stay in touch providing support and encouragement to this day!”



Call Bruce Direct: 800-980-2040