Your comfort zone…. It’s a behavioral model that you’ve become familiar with and know from experience that if you adhere to these set guidelines, you’ll be taking few if any risks and you will remain in total comfort. It’s only natural that you want to continue in a way that does not pose risks, but in many cases, this may inhibit learning and opportunity. Though you may feel safe in your Comfort Zone, your Comfort Zone is encircled with a wall of fear. It’s this fear that keeps you trapped within the confines of your Comfort Zone and it can keep you from reaching out for what you have always dreamed of. Leaving your Comfort Zone behind will be scary, but is often necessary in order to achieve greater success. The survival instinct encourages us to stay where we are and where we know we will be safe. Even if just behind that vale of safety, lies the very thing we want most of all.

Ask yourself these 10 simple questions…

#1 Have you been dreaming about owning your own business as opposed to just having a job?

#2 Well then, you basically have two choices going forward …  Continue as an employee or own your own business.

#3 What’s your answer to question #2  ?

#4 Can you see yourself in the business that you’ve ending up focusing on?

#5 Do you feel it’s a good fit for you and a good business to be in going forward?

#7 Are you comfortable with this Franchisor?

#8  Do you have the work ethic and learning ability necessary to be successful in this business?

#9 Does this business model have the potential of meeting your income & lifestyle goals?

#10 So what’s your decision  FEAR DRAGON DETAINEE?

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